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Paws Of Love Art by Joan Swanson

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Abrams Falls Afternoon Snack Autumn In the Cove
Abrams Falls
Pastel 9" x 12"
Afternoon Snack
Oil 6" x 6" SOLD
Autumn In the Cove
Pastel 12" x 18" SOLD
Bay Head Snow Catamaran Breakfast Club
Bay Head Snow
Pastel 9" x 12"
Catamaran on 30A
Pastel 6" x 11"
Breakfast Club
Oil 8"x10" SOLD
Cades Cove Loop Rd Got any apples today? Conch Shell
Cades Cove Loop Rd
Oil 16" x 20" SOLD
Got any apples today?
Oil 5"x7" SOLD
Conch Shell
Pastel 9" x 12"
English Mouintain Trail Twilight Hour Grayton Beach
English Mountain Trail
Oil 5"x7"
Twilight Hour
Pastel 9"x12" SOLD
Grayton Beach
Oil 11"x14" SOLD
Grayton Beach 2 Greenbriar Cascades Grotto Falls
Grayton Beach 2
Oil 11" x 14" SOLD
Greenbriar Cascades
Oil 16" x20"
Grotto Falls
Pastel 9" x 12" SOLD
Haybales In the Cove Lily Pad Roaring Forks Creek
Haybales in the Cove
Pastel 9" x 12"
Lily Pad
Pastel 9" x12" SOLD
Roaring Forks Creek
Pastel 9"x12"
Ring of Kerry Shady Spot Last Snow
Ring of Kerry
Pastel 9" x 12" SOLD
Shady Spot
PAstel 9"x12" NFS
Last Snow
Pastel 9"x12" SOLD
Wet Leaves Wildflowers Winter Cabin
Wet Leaves
Oil 8"x10"
Pastel 9"x12" NFS
Winter Cabin
Pastel 6" x 12"
Sunrise on Hyatt Ln Pier Park Basket O' Biscuits
Sunrise on Hyatt Ln
Pastel 9"x12"
Pier Park
Oil 11" x 14"
Basket O' Biscuits
Oil 8"x 10"